99 Cents Only Stores LLC

About 99 Cents Only Stores

  • 99 Cents Only Stores is a premier deep-discount retailer offering consumers extreme value. Primarily carrying name-brand consumable, specialty items, and general merchandise catering to local areas.


  • Increase foot traffic by 5% across all SD locations while branding the 99 Cents Only Stores new creative messaging “Do The 99”.
  • Work with marketing team to monitor and report on store transactions WOW
  • Increase social engagement.


  • Created an in depth profile for EACH store to determine demo and behavior/lifestyle characteristics within each community.  Our comprehensive media plan was designed to increase transactions in and around local stores.
    • “Surround sound” media tactics (radio, broadcast TV, zoned cable TV, digital)
    • Specific tactics, stations, dayparts, etc. were chosen to reach audience efficiently and effectively.
    • Utilized station personality endorsements to create a sense of “community” and familiarity with the 99 Brand
    • Used “find location” call to action to drive and measure customer navigations to store or location page of website
    • Continually monitor weekly transactions to optimize media mix to aid underperforming stores


  • Social total engagement was 5,165 (comments, shares, likes etc.)
  • FB Likes increased by 29% in first 4 weeks
  • In-Store transactions increased by 3% within first 4 weeks of flight.