St. Joseph Health Media Buying and Media Planning Case Study

We have been the media buying and planning agency for St. Joseph Health since 2009. Our MEDIA GOALS were to Generate awareness. Drive traffic to designated website. Create integrated surround sound media plan while being mindful of very strict geographic restrictions.

How did we do it?

Media blend of TV (Cable) digital; social; OOH and print.

Added Value: $112,000 (estimated value of FREE media)

Fifty (50) :30 second promo messages playing in 166 local stores – Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, Walgreens; rotating banner ads on primary vendor (s) website (i.e.; 2 -14 x 48 bulletins (4 weeks); 10 bus tails (per 4 week period); 10+ weekly :30 & :15 second Cable TV spots; website links on all major vendor homepage sites; email blasts to over 50,000 opt in recipients.

Where did we take them?

“Every Moment Matters/mammograms” garnered dramatic increases in SJH enrollment. The campaign also achieved the intended goal of increasing the brand’s favorability ratings. EMM successfully integrated media tactics among the best exposure and engagement metrics, click through rates for the banner ads were 2% considerably higher than the industry average of .1%. Interaction rates were an astounding 11% – far greater than the industry average of 2.5%.

Millennium Health Case Study 2014

The goals of this campaign were to increase awareness and drive traffic to Target demo 1) new customer segment within the Healthcare community and 2) expand cognizance to existing customer base on the broader offering of Millennium Health through a B2B approach. 



Utilizing a media blend of specialty print and digital tactics we executed a highly targeted multi-integrated campaign which included a cover wrap of Fortune Magazine, CBS Interactive, YouTube, 17 specialty healthcare publications, programmatic display and mobile products, social media and video.


Results YTD (Ongoing) – This campaign has dramatically increased traffic and brand awareness for Millennium Health. We have reached 1,490,320 print subscribers in the healthcare industry and 16,249,227 digital impressions in first two months. New visitors to the site have increased 58% since campaign launch. Average click through rates for the banner ads are at 0.155% considerably higher than national average of .09-.10%. The total completion rate for pre-roll video is currently 71%. Through an ideal balance of B2B media tactics, this campaign will be expanded in March to B2C using a combination of both offline and online tactics.

Additional Added Value: $46,470 (estimated value of FREE media YTD)

St. Joseph Hoag Health Angels Sports Sponsorship Case Study

The goal of this multi-year partnership was to create a multi-level, integrated sports sponsorship program whereby we could leverage the brand equity and the FAN power of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball franchise. Every year, during the regular season, Bloom executes a sponsorship that reaches over 3 million fans both in stadium and in Orange County.


Bloom negotiated a 3 year exclusive category deal that included the following elements: Angel Vision Perm Runner, Home Plate Rotational signage, Premium Promotional item and supporting media exposure, print, radio, Ticketing, Hospitality Night, category exclusivity, special game opportunities, player appearances, additional playoff signage.


Results Ongoing – This partnership has dramatically increased brand favorability and awareness in Orange County for the SJHH brand. It also has provided numerous opportunities for hospital event activation, employee and team building, and community goodwill.

Added Value: During the last two seasons, Bloom has negotiated over $700,000 in additional exposure.

St. Joseph Health Open Enrollment Cast Study 2014

The goal of this campaign is new patient acquisition and broad brand awareness during the Open Enrollment period, Sept – December 2014 in California and Texas. Target demo Women 35-54, HHI >$75K, one or more children in home.


Utilizing a blend of TV, radio, OOH, cinema, print and digital elements, our team executed a geo-targeted, multi-integrated, multi-message, media campaign to encourage consumers to “Choose More” in California, while in Texas our geo-targeted message is “Keep Your Family Riding High.”


Results YTD (Ongoing) – This campaign has dramatically increased online traffic and overall brand awareness. Within the first seven weeks we have 20,009 (94%) new users to the newly created OC St. Joseph Hoag landing page. To date, this campaign has delivered 15,137,433 digital impressions with an average click through of .30%, which is considerably higher than national average of .09-.10%. Total website conversions, made up of clicks and view-throughs, is currently at 1,253. The average CPA is $72.15. Video delivery is 7,404 completed views. By mixing high impact traditional media with highly targeted digital elements, this campaign continues create awareness of the St. Joseph Health brand, while driving new patients to each Hospital in Southern California, Northern California and Texas.

Added Value: $210,000 in additional exposure.