How to Make An Effective Facebook Ad

Is your brand active on social media?  Facebook is more than just a platform for sharing with friends, it’s also a way for companies to keep in touch with potential customers in real-time.  

Social media campaigns are an important part of any brand’s advertising strategy!

In addition to building a following through native posts, companies should also be taking advantage of all of the benefits Facebook Ads have to offer.  These paid Facebook advertisements can help you expand your reach and get your brand noticed by the people who want to see it.  Here are a few tips to help your brand create a successful Facebook Ad.

Facebook Advertising Tips:

  • Visuals are Important – Visual content is important everywhere.  On Facebook, it’s treated more favorably by the algorithm.  If you use eye-catching imagery, you’re more likely to catch a reader’s eye andthey’re more likely to remember what they saw (and your brand).
  • Keep Content Relevant – Target your Facebook Ads towards the right audience.  This will help keep you from wasting your time and money on the wrong audience.  Facebook Ads can target your content towards the people who want to see it based on interests, age, gender, location, etc.
  • Include a Call-to-Action – You should include a call to action in your advertisement.  This will let the potential customer know where they can buy your product, or where they can contact you for more information on the service that you are offering.
  • Create a Video Ad – Video advertisements are treated with a higher importance in your audience’s timeline.  Take advantage of this by creating video ads that are eye-catching and engaging.

Learn more about how you can create a successful Facebook Ad here.  You can also contact our full service digital advertising agency to learn more about how we can help you improve your brand’s social presence through social media advertising.

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