Media Buying 101: Important Terms to Understand

Successful advertisements are not just those that have a strong, relatable message -- they also need to be seen by your targeted audience at an affordable price. That’s where media buying comes into play. Media buying is the practice of negotiating and purchasing a space or time slot for your marketing message.

We know that media buying can be a complicated process, which is why so many businesses trust media buying agencies to find the best possible placements and ad rates for them.

Here are a few important terms that you should know.

Media Buying Terms:

Audience Turnover - The ratio of cumulative to average quarter-hour audiences.

Banners - An aspect of search engine marketing where advertisements link to the advertiser’s website.

Block Programming - A series of programs with a common demographic appeal. This is perfect for advertising messages that all target the same audience.

Cable Activity Report – A report that Nielsen Media Research provides cable networks with. The report provides information on average and cumulative household audience information by daypart.

Click Through Rate - A term used in digital marketing that refers to the measure of success an advertisement had in getting a user to click back to the website.

Daypart - Radio and television advertisements are divided up into time segments for scheduling purposes. These segments include primetime, daytime, late night, early morning, total day, etc.

End Rate - This is the actual rate that an advertiser pays for a set television commercial time after all of the negotiations and discounts have been applied.

Frequency - This is the average number of times a household or person views a given program, station or advertisement over the course of a set time period (i.e. one month).

Impressions - The number of homes or individuals who have been exposed to a specific advertisement or group of advertisements. In digital marketing, impressions refer to the total number of times an advertisement was shown to users.

Media Mix - This refers to the distribution of time and money allocated to your advertisements across multiple platforms, including TV, radio, print and digital.

Spot Television - All of the commercial advertising time that is available for sale or purchase from a local TV station. These spots can be either local or national.

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