5 Tips for An Eco-Friendly Marketing Campaign

With Earth Day just a couple of days away, many businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase what makes their brand eco-friendly. If you have a sustainable product or service — let your audience know! Here are a few tips that will help you create a successful, eco-friendly marketing strategy.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Tips:

  1. Focus on the Benefits - Think about what aspect of your product or service is eco-friendly. Are your materials locally sourced? Are they chemical-free? If your business has a “green” product or service, design your marketing campaign around the aspect of your product that is environmentally friendly.

  2. Have a Local Focus - Get involved with other local businesses. This is a great opportunity to support local businesses, reduce your carbon footprint and cross promote your products or services.

  3. Support Environmental Initiatives - Make a donation to an environmental organization and communicate this effort to your audience. Collaborating with a major charity organization is a great way to showcase your environmental efforts.

  4. Always Be Transparent - It is important that businesses are transparent about both the good and the bad. Let your audience know about your environmental initiatives, but don’t exaggerate or hide negative news. Transparency in your products and services helps customers develop trust with your brand.

  5. Look At Environmental Labels - Eco-labels like Energy Star and USDA’s Certified Organic are a recognizable way to let your audience know that your product is eco-friendly. Look to see if an eco-label exists in your industry and the steps to become certified. This is a great way to verify the legitimacy of your product or service and keep your marketing efforts consistent.

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