Chicken Salad Chick


The brand’s goals were to drive sales and increase transactions across  its 100+ stores throughout several markets by bringing in new customers  and reminding current customers to come more often. The brand was  challenged with achieving enough reach and frequency to be impactful and drive customer action. Chicken Salad Chick enlisted the help of Bloom Ads to help achieve its goal of achieving a same stores sales increase year over year.


Chicken Salad Chick’s fall brand awareness campaign spanned 12  weeks and included all the brands 100+ stores. Chicken Salad Chick  and Bloom Ads’ multimedia strategy included: local radio, events,  Google search and Waze for all stores, out of home and direct mail for  select stores with targeted Facebook/Instagram paid posts. Within this,  there were radio DJ endorsements, tailored limited time offers and menu  ads, as well as a birthday mailer offers.


Chicken Salad Chick’s store locations covered by radio in Mobile, AL saw  the largest increase in sales YoY. Maryville, TN showed strong social  performance which continued to grow throughout the campaign by  boosting and optimizing engagements and building lookalike audiences  from previous campaigns to maximize results.

  • +2.5% same store sales
  • +3.5% transactions by year-end
  • +45% YoY system wide sales