How to Measure Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is vital to any business. Whether you’re an emerging startup or a thriving company launching a new campaign, knowing how to measure customer loyalty is essential to any growth strategy. Customer loyalty data can provide insight into your products and services, customer support, marketing, and more. It’s valuable for direct-to-consumer businesses (B2C) as […]

Things Your Digital Advertising Campaign May Be Missing

Ever wondered what gaps are lurking beneath the surface of your marketing campaign? Amid the ever-changing landscape of marketing, even the best digital advertising campaigns can overlook crucial elements that can dramatically affect their performance.  In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most often-missed aspects of digital advertising.  Understanding Your Media Strategy Mastering your […]

What You Need to Know About Vanity Metrics

Metrics and data are the driving forces of business decisions. However, some metrics should have a greater influence on decisions than others. When making important business decisions, it’s crucial to know the difference between vanity and actionable metrics. Oftentimes, businesses get wrapped up in engagement metrics, also known as vanity metrics. Using data collected from […]

Finding The Right Podcast to Advertise On

Podcast advertising can be an ingenious way to get the word out about a brand or business. It’s an engaging and effective advertising method, especially when podcasting remains such a massive industry, with around 3 million podcasts available, coming from all over the world and touching on various topics, interests, niches, and demographics.  Unlike radio, […]

How to Break Out of a Marketing Rut With These Creative Advertising Ideas

Coming up with creative advertising ideas isn’t as easy as it sounds, and marketing teams need to go beyond the brainstorming basics to uncover unique ways to reach their target market. Without creative ideas, your team will likely fall into a troubling marketing rut, damaging your advertising quality and potentially harming customer relationships. But how […]

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