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Is Mobile Game Advertising Right For You?

Did you know that the gaming market is expected to reach $435 billion in value by the year 2028? And this isn’t limited to console gaming, either. The widespread availability of smartphones means that mobile gaming is the market segment that’s expected to grow the most. If you’ve ever played mobile games, you know that […]

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Brand Response Marketing: What You Need to Know

Brand response, direct marketing, brand advertising, huh? Many business owners are confused about what exactly brand response marketing is, and with good reason – it’s really confusing! Especially if your brand is just starting out or you haven’t tried a new type of marketing in a while.  Any type of marketing takes time, effort, and […]

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What is Convergence Marketing?

Is there a marketing method or technique that can guarantee success? As marketers, we’ve all wondered this. While selling products or services, one has to overcome several obstacles like the generational gap, geographic differences, technological barriers and much more. Thus, it can be hard to answer that.  However, there are some strategies that have been […]

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The Paid Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Paid media advertising can elevate your business and deliver excellent returns on your investment. It also has many other advantages, including: Increasing new customer leads and sales Broadening brand awareness Having capacity for more focused targeting Delivering insightful customer data Accessing users that might not be easy to reach otherwise However, it can also be […]

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Six Benefits of Waze Business Listings

Waze is a traffic and route-finding app that Google bought in 2013, though Google kept its original design and approach. Today, it has 30 million users in the US and 140 million worldwide. It is second only to Google Maps in the number of users who rely on it to locate businesses of interest. Monitoring […]

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