7 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When looking to create the perfect marketing plan, business owners tend to focus on the latest trends and tips. While this is a great way to figure out what types of strategies you should be including in your media plan, it’s also important to take a look at what doesn’t work.  

7 Common Marketing Mistakes:

  1. You Are a Small Business Without a Website – Yes, even local businesses should have a website. Did you know that nearly half don’t? With more and more consumers searching online for products and services before buying, it’s important for your company to take advantage and create a website to provide potential customers with information. It doesn’t have to be expensive!
  2. You Don’t Have a Plan – It’s good to test out different strategies to see what works and what doesn’t, but without a plan in place you won’t be able to properly measure success. Media plans help you understand the amount of marketing dollars you will need to spend to reach and convert your audience.
  3. You Are Not Tracking Your Results – You have a plan in place, but is it working? You need to track your results to see if they improve over time in order see if your spend is worthwhile. If it’s not, you’ll need to re-strategize.
  4. You Aren’t Looking at Competitors – Who are your competitors? Take a look at what they’re doing. This is a great opportunity to figure out what strategies work well for your industry and what doesn’t. You don’t want to make the same mistakes!
  5. You Are Targeting the Wrong Audience – Sometimes the customers you think would be interested in your product or service are not your current audience. Take a look at your demographic and make sure that you are catering to the needs of the customers that you already have.
  6. You’re Not Being Flexible – When it comes to marketing, it’s important to be flexible. There is nothing shameful about reworking your media plan if it isn’t fitting your current business needs.
  7. You Invested in Just One Advertising Channel – Not every media channel is going to work for every business. Don’t waste your entire budget on one medium if you don’t know if it will be successful. A media planner will be able to help you determine what channels work best for your brand needs.

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