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Glean actionable insights from real-time analytics through a custom, unique performance dashboard built to fuel your brand’s growth.

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Harmonized data means better insights

Our analytics approach is similar to our media approach, holistic. By harmonizing performance data from all active channels and tactics, both digital and traditional, we can extract insights in real-time to optimize media dollars most effectively. 

Core Data & Analytics Capabilities

Media mix modeling analysis techniques to ensure the appropriate mix of channels, tactics, and creatives are in the market at a given point in time, in order to yield maximum conversion throughout.

Multi-Channel Funnels is an advanced configuration setting allowing us to model the entire customer journey preceding conversion (Goals and Ecommerce transactions).

Optimize performance based on A/B testing various creative assets, units, and copy to drive the most effective performance and gain creative learnings for future strategies. 

Incrementality shows specific ad and channel effectiveness empowering informed, data-driven marketing decisions and optimization.

With multiple geolocation partners, we can measure the effectiveness of paid media execution in relation to an actualized in-store visit. This data is updated in real-time providing actionable insights for campaign optimization.

Custom-built client methodology to attribute sales and revenue based on store traffic. This data provides a holistic picture of the full impact of paid media channels, measuring ROAS both online and offline.

Using AI, we analyze your data to show key factors that influence marketing performance against priority KPIs. With bots integration through our custom dashboard solution, we dynamically find over or underperformers and/or change drivers to optimize performance results in real-time.

Track brand lift and ad recall based on in-market initiatives to measure the overall impact of your advertising dollars. Deep-dive into audience data to track affinity and unique attributes to find new and existing audience pools to expand growth opportunities. 

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Kathe Bloom
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