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Kathe Bloom

Founder, CEO

Lisa Nichols- Calabro

Co- Founder, CSO

Allie Boyer

Partner, VP

Robert Rukavina

Director, Operations

Aaron Nelson

Digital Media Supervisor

Sara Gilbreath

Integrated Media Supervisor

Janette Lara

Senior Account Manager

Sam Shadorf

Senior Account Manager

Helena Reed

Account Support Supervisor

Phil Knox

Ad Ops Manager

Amber Iler

Data Solutions Architect

Zach Zirbel

Digital Media Manager

Elexa Hernandez

Account Manager

Mary Lou Herrera

Account Manager

Dylan Gunadi

Cross Channel Digital Manager

Adil Bari

Associate Digital Strategist

Caitlyn Meyer

Design & Social Specialist

Barbara Weeks

Finance Manager

Erica Tietz

Creative Design Coordinator

Dax Beresford

Associate Account Manager

JC Gabrintina

Senior Operations Project Manager

Helen Vo

Paid Social Specialist

Justin Babich

Paid Social Specialist

Taysia Meas

Digital Project Associate

Xzavier Greene

Digital Coordinator

Kelly Royal

Social Coordinator

Nathan Tepperman

Account Manager

Nazanin Yashar

Digital Brand Manager

Lucy Kim

Director, Client Success

Mercedes Ruiz

Analytics Coordinator

Kate Sullivan

Associate Account Manager

Keely Paz

Integrated Associate Media Planner/Buyer

David Garza

Operations Assistant

Carlos Bran

Ad Ops Assistant Coordinator

Kait Eldridge

Bloom Ads Receptionist

Gino Rivera

Digital Ad Ops Systems Associate

Zach Fine

Media Solutions Coordinator

Danielle Toussaint

Integrated Media Coordinator

Darren Uranga

Integrated Media Coordinator

Melody Wachtel

Account Coordinator


Unbeatable Culture

Our people are our most important asset. We foster a fun, creative, and inclusive environment to attract and maintain the brightest talent.

Our true differentiator is our people. Our culture is built on a foundation of respect, collaboration, and creativity. We encourage everyone to share their unique perspectives and ideas, fostering an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. We believe that a happy team leads to happy clients, and that's why we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We provide opportunities for growth, professional development, and a work-life balance that allows our team to thrive both inside and outside of the office. Our culture is what sets us apart, and we are proud to be a place where people not only produce amazing work, but also love coming to work every day.

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