Avoid These Common First Time Franchisee Mistakes

Purchasing your first franchise is an exciting time! Though it might seem like the most secure choice for you, a few mistakes can lead you down a road of stress and failure.

If you are looking to run a thriving franchise and make the most of your money, here are three common mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs:

1. Assuming Success Won’t Take Work

Through your training, it can be easy to assume a franchise brand’s name will carry itself — but that’s not always the case. Each franchise location is unique and, because of that, each will take work to build a strong community. Just because you are provided with more tools to be successful doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park. Any success takes work — going in knowing that will only lead to a more prosperous future.

2. Ignoring The Training

The most appealing part of buying into a franchise is all the training and help that comes along with it. Though all of the information offered to you can seem overwhelming at first, it’s important that you pay attention and try to soak it all in. Often, it can be easy to forget about the operations of things and invest more time in marketing, but you want to have an equal understanding of both. The most successful franchises know how to market, run their business and often have even shadowed another location before they open.

3. Expanding Too Soon

Success can be exciting and addicting, but jumping ahead of the game and spreading yourself thin can lead to unneeded stress. Beyond that — you don’t want to jump into multiple locations before having a well-oiled machine. Once you have a staff you can trust and leave without any worry, then you can think about expanding. When in doubt, don’t purchase multiple locations before your first store succeeds — it will only hurt you in the long run.

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