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Bloom Ads Client Halloween Creatives

If you’ve got it, haunt it! And boy, do our clients haunt it this year with fun and spooky creative for Halloween.

Halloween ads have especially boosted in the digital marketing world in the last couple of years. It’s important to show your brand’s festive side, whether that means creating consistent organic posts or paid social ads (or both). And this year we have some great examples of this from our very own clients. These well thought out ads tell a story that ranges from old Hollywood horror to whimsical presentations. Check them out below!

The 99 Cents Only Stores truly outdid themselves this year. Their ghoulish ads put a fun new spin on the classic tales of horror. They tell a unique story through each theme like night of the living … googley eyes, ghastly tales of inescapable deals, and creepy crawlers that will have you squirming! 99 Cents Only Stores show just a few of the many options they have in store for this Halloween.

halloween creative bloom ads 99 cents only stores

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Smart & Final created cartoonish ads that are geared towards every age group. Their Halloween punned copy will definitely put a smile on your face!


Talk about creative! Who knew avocados could be so eerie. Avocados from Chile wanted to celebrate Halloween with a unique recipe that you can showcase to all your friends. These spider looking deviled eggs will leave you petrified with how delicious they are.


Who said candy is the only treat for Halloween? Raley’s finds imaginative ways to decorate food for any occasion. From pumpkin cuties to pretzel witch brooms, you’ll definitely want to try out these recipes! Raley’s frequently shares fun and delicious creations like the following on their Pinterest for every season. Follow them at https://www.pinterest.com/raleys/halloween/ and start creating your own fun food creations!



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