Franchise Marketing

We understand that managing a franchise or multi-unit system requires a sound strategy, well-designed brand and effective franchisee and consumer communications. When it comes to marketing a franchise brand, we’ve done it all. The key to our success is our collaborative approach navigating between franchisees, key stakeholders and corporate leadership.

We ask good questions, listen and build a strong case for our plans and recommendations, then we deliver solutions such as:

Strategic marketing plans that are founded on in-depth market and customer analysis and corporate objectives.

Marketing systems, co-op and advisory committee formation and bylaws.

Centrally coordinated, locally delivered, integrated marketing programs including digital, traditional and social media solutions.

Digital presence optimization and management including organic and paid search.

Customer relationship and loyalty programs.

Franchisee recruitment materials and websites.

Each location has unique qualities that help it stand out locally.
By communicating with the Zee’s individually, we are able to develop locally focused ad campaigns that support all corporate objectives.

Start growing your franchise today!

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A few franchises we’ve helped:

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Advertising Services

Innovative Mixed Media Plans For Your Budget

You get out of the box thinking, within budget, and on schedule

When you want your message to stand out from the crowd and be seen by your audience wherever they are, we’re your team.  Think of us as an extension of your marketing department, obsessed with designing your media campaign for maximum impact across every medium.

Your customers will see your message everywhere, and you’ll see it reflected in your bottom line.

Your message delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right place:

TV – Broadcast, Cable, Alternative Delivery Systems (ADS) and syndication

Radio – Network, Local and Digital

Digital – Display, Social and Search

Outdoor – Billboards, Movie Theatres, Mobile, Graffiti

Print – Newspapers, Magazines and Yellow Pages

Sponsorships – Sports and Celebrity Endorsements

Mobile – Smartphones and other mobile devices are ad platforms that we carry in our pockets.
Through programmatic buying, marketers can reach premium audiences in real-time,and target
potential customers according to location and context.

Plus sweepstakes, guerilla marketing, niche ad campaigns – whatever it takes to get your message in front of your audience.

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Services

From national billboard placements to hyper-local community campaigns, we’re obsessed with getting your message out of the home and into the lives of your customers.  With outdoor advertising you get maximum exposure and 24/7 brand recognition – reaching the largest number of people in the smallest amount of time.

We make sure you make a big impact:


30 Sheets

Bus wraps

Transit shelters

City flags

Mall kiosks

Digital displays

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your outdoor advertising, and we’ll get you there.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising Services

We’re obsessed with grabbing your audience’s attention.  Our boldly imaginative print and design services deliver your message loud and clear.  Plus, we give you more than just creativity…  We understand that the best advertising in the world won’t work if it doesn’t get seen.  We make sure your ads get premium placement…at rates well below the published rate card.

We’re your print design experts:

Newspaper ads

Magazine advertisements

Yellow page ads



Packaging and more

Business Listings Management

Think of us as your in-house marketing department – without the in-house price.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Advertising Analytics

Quantify Your Media Efforts and Determine Which is Most Effective

Measurement: Measuring performance is paramount to our approach.  All advertising performance is tracked and monitored through to conversions.  We will manage budgets and provide post media analysis for each initiative.

Brand Management: Brand Equity Effectiveness for each campaign is measured using GRPs, reach and frequency and monitored using a variety of measurements, such as cost per call, acquisition and/ or web activity.  Brand Tracking, another important component of advertising metrics, monitors the health of the brand’s competitive landscape to allow for proper adjustments and provide information to facilitate day-to-day decision making.  Focus groups, online surveys or social strategies are often utilized to measure brand efficacy, positioning and/ or lift.  This will offer insight into brand favorability and the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.

Consumer Engagement: We utilize tags and pixels in order to capture 1st party data to build valuable cookie pools in order to gain insight into audience behavior (Look-alikes).  Access to Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing and any and all proprietary or 3rd party platforms being used for your marketing efforts are necessary to establish benchmarks and gauge performance.

Paid Media: Conversion metrics such as cost per call, cost per form submission, cost per sale, cost per lead, web traffic, etc.  are established prior to each campaign launch (KPIs).  All paid media is measured against these metrics to establish ROAS (return on ad spend).

Measurement: Reporting for on and offline measurement can be automated to provide Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly data (offline reporting requires two (2) week lead time).

Hierarchical dashboard access is available 24/7 for online performance.

Centralized dashboard to manage PPC, Display & Social Advertising

Conversions (Phone calls and Lead Forms)

Display: Clicks by Ad Group, Publisher, Impressions, CTRs, CPC

Social: Total Reach, Engagement, Clicks to landing page, CPC, Ads

Based upon client request, agency attends unlimited in-person and phone meetings regularly.


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Added Value

Demand the Most for Your Spend

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations across the board, adding extra value to your already strong campaigns at every step of the way.  You’re at an advantage because our strong media relationships drive to negotiate the best rates and passion to create the most effective campaign for you.

Just a few ways we add excitement and value:

Free bonus TV & radio spots

Sponsorships & endorsements

Sweepstakes & on-sites

Traffic/ news/ weather/ sports

Online elements

Street teams


Print and more

We’re obsessed with adding extra value to every campaign we work on – especially yours.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.


TV Advertising

Television Advertising Services

From restaurants and bars to gyms and waiting rooms, televisions are everywhere today – and we make sure your message is there too.  And we don’t just script, shoot and edit your TV spots; we also make sure that you get the best possible ad rates available.  Many people are still watching TV the traditional way on the same day and network originally broadcast.   However, many are watching in a new, and different way.  Are you capturing those viewers who are now watching their favorite shows days or weeks later, and on DVRs, on VOD, on Over-the-Top online apps and services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, and though sites such as Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play?

We’ve got you covered:

Cable TV

Local television

Broadcast networks

Syndicated television

You get maximum exposure in every format:

Direct Response

Short Form



We’re obsessed with making your message the star of the show – wherever your customers see it.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads, Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Services

Whether your customer lives in your local community or across the nation, our effective radio spots deliver your message quickly and afford-ably.  We script, record and edit your spots according to your schedule, scheduling them to play exactly where your audience will hear them – so they start generating results right away.

Your ads run where your customers listen:

Satellite radio

Online Radio

Digital stations

Terrestrial radio

Syndicated radio

Maximize your exposure – minimize your spend:

Short form



Road Block


We’ve earned our reputation as tenacious negotiators, so you know you’re getting the best rates for your ad dollar.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads, Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Services

Online Media Buying

Bloom Ads Global Media Group has been at the forefront of the digital advertising space, providing our clients with expertise and a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem.  Cookie cutter, one size fits all campaigns are not what we are about.  We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and then utilize our expertise to customize a strategy specific to each client.  We provide our clients with real-time, performance driven digital media buying which spans across platform, channel and devices, ensuring we are reaching the right audience wherever they are meeting our client’s desired outcomes.  Our resources are abundant and our digital team’s experience spans over 50-years in total.  We have grown with digital advertising, continue to grow and can help your company bloom.

Our Digital Services


Our display campaigns have technological support behind them that learn about your customers, understand how they behave and interact with the web when they leave your site and allows us to target from profiles created from this data to reach your desired audience, eliminating media spend waste.  We utilize programmatic buying, along with direct buying solutions, custom designing display campaigns to each client’s specific needs.  No longer just banner ads, display advertising has evolved.  We utilize a wide array of high impact creative formats to engage with consumers – rising stars, home-page takeovers and motion ads just to name a few.  Our deep experience with behavioral and demographic targeting helps to narrow down relevant audience, select the best media for a particular campaign, and enhance the interactive experience.


With a world full of consumers always on the go, our mobile advertising solutions will ensure your messaging goes right along with them.  Utilizing the same practices we use in display, we will make mobile a results-driven marketing channel for our clients and providing their consumers with the same online experience they would receive on their desktop across their mobile/ smartphones, iPads and tablets.  We create unique, interactive mobile experiences that empower your customers, create new sales channels, and generate clear ROI.


Retargeting is a vital part to any digital campaign.  Optimize your marketing spend by serving targeted advertisements to people who have previously engaged with you online and drive them back to complete your desired action.  Our retargeting solutions can reach your audience on the web, social (Facebook and Twitter) as well as cross platform and device.

Paid Search SEM

Our paid search services help companies achieve a wide range of marketing goals and work in unison with our full suite of digital marketing services.  As a formidable buyer of paid search, we work with the world’s best tools and technologies every day and can help you accomplish more with search engine marketing.  A well-established, powerful digital marketing channel, paid search continues to evolve rapidly.  As click to call, video and product ads continue to gain steam, search engines increasingly reward local.  We help companies find the right balance with truly local search marketing campaigns that span the globe and tap into both proven and emerging opportunities to generate sales, awareness and growth.  Bloom will manage your Google AdWords account targeting the keywords that will drive buyers to your site.  Highly focused keyword research will determine the most cost effective approach to obtaining customers who are searching for exactly what your offer.  We will choose and optimize keywords, create text ads, select appropriate landing pages and build ad extensions along with A/B testing to ensure optimal results.  Through the various research tools we use we will develop effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale or lead.  By investing in Google AdWords, you will assist highly eager buyers in finding your site that wouldn’t necessarily find it through traditional (organic) search engine optimization techniques.  Our Google AdWords Certified Professionals are hands-on when it comes to all of our Search efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

No longer “traditional” and “non-traditional” – digital is a part of our media ecosystem!  Although most query-based searches do still happen on Google, search is no longer just a purview of search engines.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a relevant and valuable marketing channel evolving to include additional venues and opportunities as web users’ search behavior evolves.  SEO is a delicate and potent balance of quality content creation and optimization, enhanced with social and local marketing campaigns – all grounded in a data-based understanding of your most important audiences and their affinities, habits, behaviors and more.  SEO is not as simple as changing content, adjusting tags or buying a few links.  SEO has evolved, requiring better understanding of your users, a commitment to providing quality content, and consistent processes to align all facets of your organization with search best practices.  With these SEO best practices in place, your customers won’t have to search very hard to find your company, product or brand.  Defining key attributes of your target market has become a central component of a successful SEO strategy.  Our SEO experts will develop and build credible links, submit your business information to directories, write and distribute articles and create social bookmarks.  Our SEO solutions improve keyword rankings, increase site traffic and improves site visibility and functionality.  We will help you understand how social signals impact natural search results at Google, Bing, Baidu and other search engines around the globe.

Landing Page Optimization

Performance-based marketing requires a tight alignment between the pre-click traffic drivers and post-click consumer experience.  Our landing page optimization solutions provide just that.  A landing page is often the first interaction a visitor has with your brand.  It is important to optimize landing pages, so that the visitor can easily and quickly perform the desired action or find a certain product.  From associative to predictive to consumer directed targeting, we have a solution just right for your needs.


Continuing to grow at an astounding pace, consumer engagement with online video represents a substantial opportunity for brands to connect with their most important audiences.  Video marketing provides a richer experience than traditional text or image ads, and video has become one of the most popular, effective and engaging media formats today.  Our video solutions leverage sign and sound to connect with consumers on an emotional level, reaching them with our advanced capabilities, pairing them with the power of storytelling.  We design and produce innovative, engaging videos that attract visitors, build brand enthusiasm, enhance the user experience and spread virally through social media channels.


Social media is the cornerstone of any effective digital marketing strategy today.  It is the most direct way to engage with your customers in real time.  Our end-to-end social activation solution will help you integrate social media into all of your communications.  Using our social media strategies, real-time social media buying and social media monitoring services we will help you set the right goals; create the best action plan; and execute the paid, earned and owned media strategies needed to make social media effective and productive.  By developing creative social media strategies that build community and cultivate engaging customer relationships, we help brands enhance visibility and grow traffic.  Social media is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging present and potential customers.  In today’s fractured digital environment, it is imperative.  We help brands grow and nourish their online communities by developing exciting, engaging content that encourages sharing across personal and professional networks.  We develop branded, integrated social media campaigns that attract new users, engage current customers and cultivate loyal, long-term customer relationships.  Our suite of services include:

Strategy & campaign development

Social media advertising

Social media editorial calendars

Competitive audits

Website analysis

Social media channel management

Email Marketing

We will target consumers who have requested (opted-in) to receive emails about specific topics of interest.  With the ability to target by geography, demographic, consumer interest and business category, our digital email marketing solutions can reach your ideal consumer.  By tracking how consumers open email and their click sequences, we are able to provide our clients with a deeper understanding about customer and potential customers are interested in and deliver specific messages based on that knowledge.

Business Listings Management

Accurate local listings are vital to your success, we provide best-in-class local business listings management services.  We patiently and diligently wade through reams of data, eliminating incorrect or out of date information while promoting the rich and relevant content to provide local businesses with a highly accurate and visible presence within this critical channel.  Correct information is paramount to the consumer experience.  Whether you have a single location or thousands, making sure your location information is up to date and accurate is a top priority.  It is important to understand that the anchor data used for local business listings is critical to the success of each digital program.  Incomplete or inaccurate data can confuse search engines and give customers bad information about your business.  Citations are essential for your listing to appear.  Data such as name, address and contact numbers are critical, inconsistent anchor data can dilute the number of citations that a listing will receive.  We are obsessed with details!

Get Found Online!

Enter a Business Name and ZIP Code #

Enter your Email Address


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Some creative shows on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Nothing adds excitement and world class recognition to your marketing campaign like a celebrity or sports player’s endorsement.  Our research strategy ensures that you are matched with high profile personalities, sports teams and venues who resonate with your target audience, taking your brand to the next level.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Sports player and celebrity endorsements

In-stadium marketing opportunities

Celebrity / player on-site appearances

Appearance in television, radio and print

Increase your brand profile along with your bottom line with an engaging sponsorship or endorsement.

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Some creative shown on this website is not the sole property of Bloom Ads Inc. and is in partnership with other agencies.

Staple Center In-Stadium jumbotron ad during game for Titan Insurance sales contact information
Keys of the Game TV show sponsorship ad for Titan Insurance Sales
Home Depot Center stadium scoreboard ads for Titan Insurance, ADT, Budweiser, and Adidas
MLB Angel stadium Jumbotron and scoreboard ads for Pepsi and Pechanga Resort Casino
St. Joseph Health Homeplate backstop stadium ad during MLB Angels vs Pirates baseball game
Marathon event staging area with 2 participates in front of the St Joseph Health Sponsorship tent
Outdoor mountain scene with an MLB Angels stadium giveaway towel from St. Joseph Health during KTLA news broadcast

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