5 people in a business meeting

Brand Response Marketing: What You Need to Know

5 people in a business meeting

Brand response, direct marketing, brand advertising, huh? Many business owners are confused about what exactly brand response marketing is, and with good reason – it’s really confusing! Especially if your brand is just starting out or you haven’t tried a new type of marketing in a while. 

Any type of marketing takes time, effort, and plenty of expertise, and no one should go it alone. That’s why we’re here; to help you understand the ins and outs of advertising and brand building, including brand response marketing. Read on to learn more about the advertising concept, its benefits, and how to incorporate brand response marketing into your own marketing strategy. 

What is brand response marketing? 

Brand response marketing is a form of marketing that combines brand marketing and direct response into a single campaign distributed across channels. Essentially, it’s a hybrid between brand marketing and direct-response advertising that allows an advertiser to provide strong messaging along with a clear call-to-action to help drive conversions or sales. 

Traditionally, marketing has been segmented into two camps: brands that are engaged in long-term brand development that they eventually use to their advantage, and those involved in actions that generate immediate responses and results. Each approach resulted in different outcomes, and brand response marketing means marketers no longer have to choose between the two. 

How does brand response marketing work? 

The core of brand response marketing is mixing content storytelling and adding human elements to the marketing campaigns with powerful CTAs to enhance click-through rates. Here are the three steps most commonly involved with brand response marketing:

  1. Create content: The first step is to create compelling content filled with information and engaging to the highest degree. You want that content to be customized to a particular buyer persona and address the critical pain points empathetically.
  2. Boost the content with paid campaigns: While your content will grab attention if it has all the storytelling and empathetic points we mentioned, you’ll get a response more quickly when you boost it through paid campaigns. Consider it a way to make the content even more inescapable for your audience. 
  3. Get the response: First, you have engaging content, and then, you have the media buying that makes that content inescapable. It hooks your audience and gives you large returns on small investments. Now it’s time to gather responses and change your campaign accordingly. 

The process seems so streamlined – isn’t it? Before you jump into this process, let us give the points that help you finetune your brand response marketing efforts. 

Elements of the perfect brand response marketing strategy 

Creating a marketing strategy in which brand awareness goes hand in hand with sales generation needs the winning combination of the following elements:

A content strategy that considers the customer

We understand that you need to create significant awareness first to get your brand off the ground. However, always know the primary reason you’re creating brand awareness – to get more customers. Devise your content so that it can tap into your target audience emotionally. 

Take your time diving into the marketing persona of your audience. List their  ain points, and start generating content that addresses them in a non-linear and engaging fashion. 

Delivering content via the right channels 

Reach out to your prospects through the right channels. The channels should choose to add more flavor to the way you deliver your content. And it ensures that there is always some customer looking at your adverts. Embrace the media mix like radio, TV, or digital ads to diversify your content delivery. 

To choose the right channels, define the underlying message of your brand, understand your budget and learn where your competitors are active. 

A great call to action that puts your content to work

If your content has reached the right audience and has elicited the right emotional response, tell them what to do next. State clearly the action that you want your audience to take. It can be buying the product, providing you with additional information, or downloading an eBook. 

Here comes the kicker, don’t just use call us now or reach out to us. Weave the CTA with the content. Say you have an ad for content marketing services where you exposit the value of storytelling. You can create a CTA that focuses on storytelling, such as “start creating a better story now.” 

Get started with a brand response marketing strategy

At Bloom Ads, we can help devise a marketing strategy combining all the elements you want from brand awareness and sales campaigns. Our content marketing strategies and media buying mix will help you drive direct responses to your content.

So, why wait for your brand to create awareness and then get a response? Create a great brand response marketing strategy that cuts the time it takes to see the fruits of your branding efforts. Contact us today.

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