What is Brand Response & How Is It Different From Brand Awareness?

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When you’re just getting started with advertising, there’s a lot of terminology to wrap your head around. Since we know exactly how confusing it all can be, we’ve created our blog as a space to keep you informed. From “media buy” to “brand advertiser,” and everything in between, we’ve got the toughest advertising lingo covered right here. For today’s article, we want to focus on two terms in particular: what is brand response and what is brand awareness. While they may sound pretty similar, they have some very important differences, and delineating between the two is critical for success in both. 

Today, we seek to define what is brand response, what is brand awareness, why they are both so important to the amplification of your brand, and why it’s so important to differentiate between the two. Let’s get started.

What is brand response?

Brand response combines the lower rates of TV and radio to deliver broad-reaching awareness at a more efficient cost. It drives results (sales) while still generating mass reach for your brand.

If you are wondering “what is brand response,” think of it as a combination of brand marketing and direct-response advertising. The brand marketing aspect draws in customers by creating a story; then the direct response advertising locks them in with a direct call-to-action.

Brand response merges storytelling with metrics and a human component with powerful click through rates. This is how it works:

  1. First, you create compelling content that’s free and organic. You create content that feels important to a lot of different people and is highly engaging and shareable. This can be blog posts, videos, podcasts, an Instagram Live event, a Reddit AMA, or anything else. In doing so, you establish yourself as a voice or authority on the subject at hand. 
  2. Then, you have to deliver on a specified value. This means boosting your content with paid ads and paid traffic platforms to create a direct response. You hook the customers with the content; then you bring them in with the more traditional forms of advertising. 
  3. You get big results at a lower cost and enjoy a powerful return on investment

What is brand awareness marketing?

Brand awareness marketing is the first part of brand response. This is the original content you create. As we mentioned before, it should be free and organic.

When you create content that is interesting, funny, original, educational, powerful, and shareable, you earn the trust of an audience. Brand awareness should be carried out by creatives––your very best writers, directors, editors, designers, etc. or an advertising agency (like us!). They plant the seed for building an audience.

Brand awareness marketing is very effective for doing exactly what it promises to do: raising brand awareness. But when you rely on brand awareness alone, you miss the powerful opportunity to turn your new brand loyalists into sales.

Why is it so important to differentiate between the two?

You can’t build successful brand response campaigns without understanding the major differences between what is brand response and what is brand awareness. If you muddy the lines between the two, you’ll muddy your overall response marketing strategy.

Know that brand awareness marketing is creativity-driven. Let your team of creative talents takeover here. Do not task your analytics team with any of this work (unless it’s providing relevant keywords). If you let your technical team drive this project, you won’t have the kind of brand awareness needed to create a powerful brand response.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, create a designated team for the direct response function of the equation. Have your PPC team take the reins on turning incredible content into a profit driver. 

Why is this so important for the amplification of your brand?

The truth of the matter is brand awareness on its own can only go so far. Sure, it’ll get some eyes on your brand, but will those eyes turn into purchases? Conversely, if your ads are merely ads or just blatant calls to action, your messaging will feel dated and salesy. This will turn customers away in a heartbeat.

Combining brand response with brand awareness marketing is a powerful way to lead your marketing campaigns. Think of it as the best of both worlds! Ground it in your creativity, and build it out with your technical know-how. 

What we do at Bloom Ads

We are a full-service advertising agency based in Los Angeles. Our team is composed of savvy creatives who can take over the brand awareness side of things, and experienced technicians who will drive the direct response.

Our hybrid approach to media creates attention for your brand while delivering profitable results. We have a fresh take on advertising, using advanced technology and real-time reporting. To hook a highly targeted range of customers on your brand, and then convert them into sales, get in touch. 

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