Defining Video Micromoments

Video is more available and more personalized than ever before.  We can watch what we want, where we want, when we want it.

The moments when we choose to watch videos are opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.  These video micro-moments, or moments of intent, play an important role in the consumer purchase journey.

What are video micro-moments?

Micro-moments are the fragmented pieces of the consumer journey.  They are the moment that we decide we want to research something we are interested in, the moment we want to learn more, the moment we want to figure out how to do something on our own, and the moment we decide we want to make a purchase.

Below are the four categories that video micro-moments tend to fall under:

  • You’re Following Your Interests – This is the moment when you’re looking for something that pertains to your interest or hobby.  53% of online video viewers watch online videos to be inspired or entertained.  Feed your consumers interests!
  • You Want to Learn Something New – This is when consumers want to learn, explore and research information online.  70% of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on anything that they want to learn!  Provide video content that is informative.
  • You Want to Know How – These are the moments when someone looks for instruction on how to do something.  How-to searches are big — they’re up 70% over a year on YouTube!  Creating a how-to video can help generate consumer trust.  They’ll remember your video next time they’re looking to buy.
  • You Want to Buy – “I-want-to-buy” moments are where brands want to be seen!  18-34 year olds agree that YouTube is the best place to learn about a product or service that interests them.  Create videos that give consumers an idea of what your product or service is so that they’ll want to follow through with a purchase.

Brands should focus on creating content that is relevant and useful in the moments that matter.  Consider the stages that lead up to your customer’s purchase decision.  Then, you can create content that meets their needs each step of the way.

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