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Digital Advertising Trends to Include in Your Media Plan

Digital advertising is one of the best ways to reach a large audience, while still targeting individuals who are specifically interested in your brand. It’s easy to improve brand recognition, develop a relationship with your customers, and keep things transparent on digital platforms.

That said, the digital world is always changing. How do you know which trends you should be including in your media plan — and which you should let be?

Digital Advertising Trends:

Tell a Real Story – Storytelling is key for brand marketing. But when it comes to selling your product in the modern landscape, consumers are tired of just hearing about how you, the brand, believe your goods or services are better than the competition. They want to know how you have delivered on your promises in a way that has lived up to their needs and expectations.                                                            

Conversational Marketing and Quality Interactions –  Make sure that you are taking the time to engage with your audience. Respond to reviews, engage with comments, respond to tweets, and let your audience know that you are there to communicate with them in the digital world.

Take Advantage of Native Advertising – 

As stated by IAB, around 80% of millennials see in-feed native ads as a favorable user experience and 58% believe that publishers should limit advertising to native only. When running ads natively, it is important to create content that provides value to the user that will not be perceived to be intrusive of their personal information. 

Timing is Important – Your holiday centered campaigns should be strategically designed around your customers and their buying habits. According to RCS, 69.8% of consumers complete their Christmas shopping before the first of December. It is important to consider when your customers do their holiday shopping. It’s never too early to start planning your holiday advertising strategy.

Live Video – Video is more in-the-moment than ever before. Consider making a live video for your business’s Facebook page. This will help keep consumers connected to your brand, as well as improve your reach and engagement.                                      

Short DIY Videos – Short videos emphasize the fast-paced way in which we consume content and highlights the need for simple and succinct messages and engaging content that invites users to participate. The great thing about these short videos is that everyone has the ability to put together a quick and unpolished video using just their phone. Not only that, but these highly engaging video content are candid, behind-the-scenes, DIY, real stories and have a more authentic look, which is what younger consumers want.

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