Earning More Positive Reviews for Your Brand

One of the first things a person does before using a product or service is look up reviews of the brand. While most business owners worry about whether their reviews are good or bad, there’s something else you should consider — do you have any at all?

Since some consumers can be deterred from using a business without good reviews, here’s how you can ensure you earn more positive reviews and are seen in the best light.

Give People A Space to Leave Reviews

You can’t earn positive online reviews if consumers have no place to leave them. Have your web developer add a page to your website where users can describe their experience with your business and give your service a rating.

You should also make sure all your listing pages, such as Yelp, Google My Business, and the Better Business Bureau, are all up-to-date and verified so users can leave reviews there as well.

Give Incentives

This doesn’t mean offering people prizes if they give you only a positive review — just if they give you one at all. Use an email list to send your customers an offer of a free beverage, coupon, or raffle entry if they head to your website and write a review of their experience with you. You’ll be surprised by how many reviews come flooding in.

Respond to All Your Reviews

Responding to reviews shows past, current, and future customers that you are listening to their feedback and using it to better your business. You may be tempted to only respond to the positive reviews and express your gratitude, but don’t ignore negative reviews.

Instead, craft a response that lets that customer (and potential customers reading it) know that you want to make things right and will use their feedback to avoid future issues.

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