End of Summer Marketing Ideas

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and as we say goodbye to beach day and hello to school days, we are left with an excellent opportunity to switch up our marketing. You might be planning your back to school campaigns, but why not take advantage of summer’s end? So if you are looking to end your summer marketing with a bang, here are a just few out of the box ideas that can increase your ROI:

Follow The Weather

The summer months can bring some iffy weather, so why not use it to your advantage? Host a rainy day online flash sale or hold a social media contest encouraging followers to share their favorite sunny day activity, including something from your brand. Either way, you are encouraging engagement and shares, which will help you gain more views and potential customers.

Brand Some Swag

Have some leftover stock items? Looking to get your name out there — well why not put it on some swag! Everyone loves free, and by offering free notebooks, beach balls, coffee mugs or pens with your name on it just means more exposure for you! Find a healthy mix of summer and fall items and create goody bags to give out at events or to send with large purchases. No matter what you choose, the gesture will be appreciated.

Host an Event

Whether you host an event, sponsor one, or merely rent a booth at your local fair, your name is out there, your brand is being seen, and you are putting a face to customers and potential ones. If you have the space to do so, have an end of the year bbq, invite employees and customers and their families; this will not only show your customers that you value them but that you also you value your employees.

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