Here’s How to Increase Your Customer Retention

Loyal customers are the key to any small business. With the right combination of customer service and branding, you can keep your consumers coming back for more.

If you’re noticing a slew of customers just falling to the waste side, here are the three biggest things you can do to keep customer retention high:

1. Figure Out Your Biggest Issues

As Samuel Smiles once said, “We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.” The first step to ensure your customers stay loyal, is to find out why other consumers haven’t. By first understanding why you are seeing a decrease in your customers, you can then begin to fix the minor issues to give the best overall experience.

Whether it’s a slow website or lack of customer care, reaching out to clients can open up the door to see why their loyalty faded. You should also ask for reviews and look for feedback whenever possible.These habits can help you see common trends and allows you to step up in the areas that you’re lacking.

2. Make it Personal

Selling is not just about the product any more — it’s now about the customer experience. People want to feel like a brand cares about them and is ready and willing to be their problem solver. This might sound like a heavy task, but with a good combination of customer service and more authentic and honest branding, it’s easy to achieve!

Remember: Transparency with your customers is key! It’s okay to have mess ups — it’s how you handle them that will matter. Today’s consumers respect honesty over anything else.

3. Give Them A Reason to Stay

If each purchase leads to a possible reward, consumers are more likely to choose you over the competitor — this is where loyalty programs come in to play.

By offering either a punch card or incentive program,you not only entice consumers to choose you for their purchase, but you also show them how much you appreciate their business. This is a winning combination that will pay off for both you and your consumers.

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