Here’s When It’s Time to Rebrand

When you think of many major big brands, you often first think of their logo and when you think back over the years, how many times has that logo changed? For most companies a rebranding happens quite often. Whether it’s a little change, or a major brand overhaul, rebranding can really help increase your audience base and get your name out there. If you are looking for a marketing change, here’s why rebranding may be it:

Your Old Image Is Not So Great

Often we think of rebranding as a fail, but sometimes your current image just isn’t working for what you are trying to achieve. Controversy and negative comments can definitely be one reason to want to rebrand, but just a dull, boring or not focused concept can all be another reason to switch up your brand image.

When Your Vision has Changed

Your company can definitely grow and evolve over time, and when that day comes, you’ll want to work on matching your branding. A brand image that clearly looks like it’s 20 years plus is not one that looks current or innovative at all. Keep your brand up with the times and you’re sure to see growing success.

Looking to Enter a New Market

If your company is expanding or growing to new heights and offering new services, it could also be the perfect time to use your branding to represent this. Rebranding shows change and growth and it will intrigue customers to see what else you might have in store.

Trying To Broaden Your Demographic

If you are looking to move on from your current demographic, and maybe reach a younger one, you’ll have to create a brand image that resonates with them. A good rebrand can show you are moving your image in a new direction and attract new potential consumers.

Is it time for a rebrand? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals here at Bloom Ads. We are here to help you with all of your marketing needs — whether it’s TV, radio, PR or digital, we craft media plans that drive ROI for your business. Visit our website to learn more about our advertising services or give us a call directly at 818-703-0218.

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