How Advertising Has Evolved Throughout The Years

The marketing of our parents years is way different than the marketing of today. Not only are the platforms different than once before, but the audience has evolved too. What once worked in the past, may not work now. To keep up with the latest advertising trends, you’ll want to know where the history lies.

Products Were Used as Motive

When we think back on the ads for years ago, we often think of a sharp image, a mascot, or a common theme. Ads were branded in such a way, that it evokes need in the viewer. Created to provoke brand recognition and targeted at a specific audience, Ads made viewers feel that they needed to purchase that particular product.


With advertising expanding to different platforms, trends changing and generations evolving, brands have to focus less on just the sale and more on their brand awareness. A community is key, and your product isn’t the only thing you are looking to drive home. You want your overall brand to solve the problems the audience has at hand. It’s no longer just about the sale; it’s now about the connection. The product may provide the solution, but you want to focus more on emphasizing that, than just selling the product.

Consumers Are Now Aggressive

Years ago, options were limited. When it came to television ads, viewers had no choice but to pay attention. There were no recorded shows, there were only a few channels to watch, and if your ads were featured on them, you were sure to see success!


The competition is not only fierce, but it’s also on multiple platforms, causing marketing to have to be even that more creative! Television ads have to be eye-catching enough not to scroll through, internet ads have to stop a user from scrolling, and print ads have to be bright and visual. It’s a whole new world of options, and with it comes a whole new world of creativity that has to be explored.

User Content On The Rise

Gone are the days of sketch boards, staged imagery and high-quality ads. Now is the time where the viewers and user get to shine, and with digital, it’s an affordable and smart move! With social media right on everyone’s phones, you can now get real imagery and unique product content, that will resonate with users. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also engaging! The user who created it will be more likely to show off your post or ad, and comment and engage as well. It’s a win-win for all!

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