How Does Social Media Affect TV Advertising?

Social media feeds into so many different aspects of our lives – and television is no different.  Televisions, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are seen almost everywhere.  From gyms to restaurants to the home, we’re rarely without a phone and TV.

Because of this, social media has enhanced the effectiveness of television advertisements.  Advertisers can use their social media campaigns and television advertisements in tandem to improve brand awareness and eventually convert new customers.

So just how does social media impact TV advertising?

It enables conversation.  When people view your television advertisement, they don’t get to just talk about it with the people in the room with them, they can take the conversation online.  Hashtags surrounding TV ad campaigns can help brands engage with their audience.  Anyone can search through these hashtags and interact the conversations happening around your brand.

It creates viral videos.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have all changed the way that videos are presented.  Now, the same ads that you air on television can be shared, your audience can engage, and it gets people to remember the ad that they saw.

It provides additional information.  Social media gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about your brand after an eye-catching TV ad.  This allows people to continue to learn and trust your brand, and gives you another opportunity to convert a new customer.

Take a look at this article to learn more about the impact social media has had on television.

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