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How Emotional Content Affects Your Television Advertisement

Emotions play an important role in our decision making process. For example, when we feel like we will be rewarded for taking a specific action, we are more likely to take that action. Advertisements that evoke emotions help brands establish long-term connections with consumers.

TV ads that make a viewer feel something are more memorable and relatable. This creates a long-term connection between the consumer and the brand. In many cases, the emotions that are elicited are more impactful than the ad content itself.

In fact, there is a 30% greater chance that a consumer will remember a television advertisement that made them feel an emotion, whether it be sadness, happiness, nostalgia, etc., than one that did not.  This long-term memory of the television advertisement makes it more likely that consumers will stay loyal and true to your brand, driving future brand purchases. This is a direct ROI for brands. According to The Business Journals and as evidenced by a 2016 Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study, it was revealed that ads with an above-average emotional response from consumers generate a 23% lift in sales volume.

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