How Instagram Changes Will Affect Your Media Plan

In addition to their new logo, Instagram has been rolling out several new updates to their product features.  How should your business adapt to these developments?  Here are a few strategies you will want to incorporate into your media plan.

  • Upload Longer VideosNow, you can share longer videos on Instagram. The platform increased their video time limit from 15 to 60 seconds. With longer videos, you have more time to get your message across to your audience.
  • Add a Call to ActionInstagram ads now let users click through to your website or app. Include a call to action when you set up your Instagram ads.
  • Keep the Algorithm in Mind The Instagram news feed is no longer chronological. Posts now show up in the feed based on what a user cares about most. If a follower likes and interacts with your brand often, they are more likely to continue to see your posts at the top of their feed.
  • Review Your Successful Posts Determine what types of posts perform the best for your audience. Consider the time and date, type of content (photo or video), caption and hashtags used.

If you are not sure how to effectively include these Instagram strategies in your media plan — don’t worry. Our digital marketing experts can help you create the right media strategy for your brand. We work with clients to determine what platforms and strategies will work best for their unique goals. Visit our website or give us a call at 818-703-0218 to learn more about our media planning services.

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