How ROI Differs on Social

When we think of success, we often think of ROI and, for most mediums, that is easily measurable — but with social, not so much. Without a clear way to see your content turning into direct sales, the way we measure your ROI can vary from other methods. Often, it leads to a mindset that social isn’t for everyone. However, in this day and age, that can’t be further from the truth. Social is key to rounding out your media plan, and here’s how to make sure you are getting a good return on the investment.

It’s About Awareness

Though all marketing should help increase your sales, social is a bit different. Social media is a personal community and should be treated as such. You want to create content that gets your name out there while leading users to your website. It might be a long road, but it’s one that will open you up to a broader audience.

Content-Type Is Key

Once again, personability is critical! Think of visual content that stops users and attracts them. Videos, infographics, and informative images, all matching your brand, are what will lead to clicks and engagement. Measuring these shows you what users respond to and can lead to an increase in website page views down the line.

Provide Information

To be above your competitors, you want to be the expert in the field. Don’t just push out sales and typical advertisements — share informative content that your users can look back at and learn something. By balancing new products and education, you can lead them on a broad search on your website.

Remember: It’s About Them

The social user reacts to content that feels like it’s tailor-made to them. To gain loyal and repeat customers, you’ll have to build a brand, not just sell your product.

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