How The Past 5 Years Changed TV As We Know it

Gone are the days of TV dinners and sitting in front of the couch watching the evening news. Now, we live in an age where people spend a majority of time scrolling through thousands of channels and subscription services trying to find something to watch. Over the last decade, the way we view TV and movies has drastically changed — it’s even changed in the last few years.

So what does this mean for television ads?

There’s Less Watch Time

There may be a wide variety of TV options out there, but the way we view them has caused viewing time to decrease over the last five years. With DVRs and streaming services being the household norm, the number of people watching live TV is significantly decreasing — making the importance of good advertising even more vital. To get your ad seen, it has to be something people won’t fast forward through, something that can provoke interest quickly and hold it.

How People Watch Has Changed

In the last two years, the number of platforms on which users watch shows and movies has nearly doubled. Between streaming sites, apps, and cable… the options and bundle packages have drastically changed. This is also leading to online ads playing a bigger part in advertising, adding yet another medium on which to get your brand and business out there!

Cable Isn’t Dead

Though it might seem like you shouldn’t be investing as much in TV ads as you once did, cable is still here, so use your advertising time wisely! Because

the online tv and movie subscriptions have increased, significant companies will have to integrate them into their cable plans. By doing so, consumers can get the best of both worlds, while being able to choose what they want to see and where. 

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