How to Create a Billboard that Catches Your Audience’s Attention

Billboards are everywhere — and even in a distracted, digital world, billboards remain a powerful branding and advertising tool for businesses. However, since the billboard space can be very competitive, it is important that you strategize to create something that is creative, eye-catching, and memorable. These tips will help you create a successful billboard advertisement.

Billboard Advertising Tips:

“A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words”

When people look at billboards, they are usually on the move. As a result, you shouldn’t focus on words to get your message across. Use imagery that is eye-catching — and if you do use any text, keep it concise.

Get Noticed.

Be creative with your billboard advertisements and use this as an opportunity to get noticed by a wide audience!

Use Color to Your Advantage.

Color plays a big part in the effectiveness of a billboard. Keep your messaging branded, but bold. You want to make sure that if you are including text in your advertisement, that it is easy to read by passing consumers.

Test It Out.

Before you approve a design for your billboard, print it out on small index card or piece of paper. Take a few steps back and look at the design. Does your message appear clean, clear, and concise — even from a distance?

Whether you are focusing on a national campaign or a hyper-local community campaign, our experts here at Bloom Ads can help you get your message to the consumers you are targeting. Learn more about our outdoor advertising services — from billboards to bus wraps to digital displays — by visiting our website or giving us a call directly at 818-703-0218.

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