How to Improve Your Consumer’s Mobile Experience

If you’re a business owner, your company most likely has a website, and if you have a website, chances are someone has accessed it from their cell phone or at least tried to. In the technology driven world we live in now, mobile is critical. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet — the internet is now at the tips of consumers’ fingertips, and your business page should be, too. It’s not enough to just build a website; you have to keep your mobile site in mind too. A site that is optimized for mobile use will not only improve your consumer’s mobile experience but increase your exposure and ROI.

So What Does a Mobile Friendly Site Look Like?

  • Quick loading
  • Layout is simple, and text is minimal
  • Store hours and phone numbers are easy to find
  • Barely any pop-up windows

So here is how you can create the best mobile site:

Remember That Urgency is Key

Since technology is so easily at our fingertips, our attention spans and patience has slowly decreased. We live in a world of instant gratifications, so naturally, consumers won’t wait for a slow moving site to load. In fact, 53 percent of people will abandon a mobile site if it doesn’t load within three seconds. So this all should be kept in mind when designing your website, choose easy to load fonts and images, and make sure the layout is visually appealing.

Keep The Big Picture in Mind

Beyond the consumer experience, it’s also a smart marketing move. When it comes to Google and your search ranking, your mobile site is now factored in. A site that is optimized for mobile viewing will get a higher search ranking than one that’s not. So to keep your consumers happy, increase views, and get more exposure, you’ll want to make sure your site is mobile approved. Mobile friendly also makes your content more likely to be shared on social media. With buttons built right in, a share is just a click away. Another bonus about mobile viewing — ads tend to be retained more on mobile than on the web as they are less saturated.

If you are looking to increase sales, and retain customers, you’ll want to think about your customer’s overall experience and if you need help creating mobile friendly advertisements, our experts can help! You can visit our website to learn more about our digital services or call us at (818) 703-0218.

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