How to Optimize Your Tweets with SEO

When used correctly, Twitter can be a multi-faceted aspect of your digital marketing campaign.  In addition to staying in contact with your customer base and improving brand awareness, your Twitter account can be optimized to improve your ranking in Google.  Here are a few tips to help you optimize your brand’s Twitter page.

SEO Tips for Twitter:

  • Offer Consistent Branding – Make sure that the handle and your username match your brand.  It should be consistent with your branding strategy.  You should also link back to your company website.
  • Update Your Bio – Your Twitter bio should reflect an updated version of your brand.  It helps explain to potential followers why they should be following you.
  • Use Keywords – Every tweet has an opportunity to show up in Google’s search results.  By including keywords in your tweets, you can use this to your advantage.  While your tweets should flow naturally, you can include organic keywords that improve your chances of being found for relevant search results.

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