How to Promote Earth Day at Your Business

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of the environmental movement.  Since 1970, Earth Day has reminded us to make a difference in the world around us!

What is your brand doing to make a difference?

With everyone’s minds focused on how to make their lives a little bit more eco-friendly, now is the perfect opportunity to share what your business does to give back – and make a few changes to make your brand more sustainable.

Start a Recycling Program!  Recycling all of the paper, cardboard and bottles that your business uses each day can make a big difference.

Invest In Carbon Offsetting – Carbon offsetting is a great way to offset the environmental impact of your business.  For all of the carbon that your business produces, you can invest it back into the environment (offset your environmental impact).  These projects invest money back into planting trees, environmental research, wind power, and more!

Use Recycled Materials – Consider where you are buying the materials that you use for your business. Invest in using more energy-efficient products that are made from recycled materials.

Of course, don’t forget to let your customers know that you are making these changes!  Promote your eco-friendly efforts on your website, social media, blog, print advertisements, and television ads.  You want your customers to know that you are an eco-conscious brand.

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