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Trying to choose between digital and television advertising? You might not have to.

We live in a world where all of the information we may ever need is available at our fingertips. All we have to do is pull out our smartphone, laptop or tablet to get the information that we need — even while on-the-go. However, this ease of access has not taken away from the television space. In fact, a new study has shown that TV advertisements actually drive digital engagement (and vise versa). Marketing efforts that include TV, therefore, continue to provide greater levels of success with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators – based on new accounts and sales) than any other advertising efforts.

How do digital and television advertising strategies work together?

  1. You Can Promote TV Content Digitally – People who are interested in what your brand is promoting on TV will look towards social media for information and additional content.
  2. People Are More Likely to Tune In After Seeing Digital Content Research has shown that people who watch TV content on YouTube are more likely to watch the same content on their TV.
  3. Consumers Can Share Your Content – If you have an advertisement airing on television, add it to your YouTube channel too. The shareable nature of the ad will let users engage with your content digitally, even after watching your advertisement on television.
  4. People Can Engage With Your Brand – Most people who are watching TV have their phone nearby. If your brand is active on social media channels, interested consumers might feel inspired to search for your company Facebook or tweet about your commercial thereby resulting in brand engagement.

The world may be becoming more and more digital, but that doesn’t mean that television advertising has slowed down. With the right strategy in place, your television and digital advertisements can work together to improve results.

If you are looking to optimize your current strategy and find a media plan that works for your business, give our professionals a call. At Bloom Ads, we are here to help you create a television and digital advertising strategy that works together to drive ROI.

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