Is Print Advertising Right for Your Brand?

There are many different types of advertising opportunities available to brands. With all of the options available to you, how do you know if print advertising is the right strategy for your brand?  Here are a few pros and cons to simplify your decision making process.


  • Affordable – Newspapers are fairly inexpensive to produce. With some research, you can create a targeted, successful ad. Magazines give even more value, as people don’t discard magazines are quickly as they do newspapers.
  • Targeted Audience – With print advertisements, you can target your audience based on location (local newspapers), as well as by interest (magazine type).
  • Branding – It provides you with the opportunity to build your brand image. It gives your brand credibility to be seen in a newspaper or magazine.


  • Limited Readership – Yes, you can target your audience with a print advertisement, but this also means that you are limiting the number of people who will see your advertisements.
  • Limited Control Over Placement – In many cases, you can’t control where your advertisement will appear. This could be a problem if your competitor is also advertising.
  • Difficult to Schedule – Since some newspapers only come out once a week, and magazines come out once a month, it can be difficult to complete the necessary ad before it’ll appear.

If you need help meeting an advertising deadline, or you still aren’t sure if print advertising offers the best ROI for your brand, contact our office. Our professionals are here to help you create the perfect media plan for your unique brand goals and needs.

Learn more about our print advertising and media planning services on our website, or call 818-703-0218 to speak with one of our advertising experts directly.  

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