Knowing the Difference in Marketing for B2B

To have a successful marketing campaign, you must first know who you are marketing to. You’ll need to know your target audience, and if you are selling to a business or a consumer, you’ll want to change up your plan to better suit their needs.

Your Main Focus

When you are marketing to B2B, you’ll want to lean towards logic. Focus on features and why this will benefits their role. Make them feel like this is a vital product from them, and you’ve won a sale.

Don’t Forget ROI

Since the purchase of B2B is more logical than B2C, you’ll want to explain how this can improve their day and their wallet with your product! Explain the return they will get as a whole such as less time wasted, more saving opportunities anything that shows long-term benefits. Since they are more business related, data plays a heavier role than marketing to B2C.

Balancing Act

A good marketing campaign should always tug on the emotional heartstrings, but when it comes to B2B marketing, it’s more of a balancing act of emotions and logic. There will likely be a variety of people involved, and you’ll have convinced them all that it’s a necessary buy. On top of that, they are looking at it from a business standpoint, so they will want to see the facts and statistics to back it. So though you will have to win them on emotion, the ultimate closer will have to be based on logic and pure fact!

Example of B2B Vs. B2C

Think about coffee, if you are selling coffee to a  B2C you’ll want to highlight the delicious taste, if you are selling it to a B2B you’ll want to discuss the overall cost and how it can increase motivation. Think overall benefit instead of increasing a want or need.

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