Last Minute Marketing for Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to start your summer marketing campaign. Besides being known for remembrance, weekend getaways, and BBQs, it also marks the start of summer and is the perfect time to vamp up your marketing. So, if you’re looking to win the Memorial Day marketing game, here are some things to keep in mind:

Be Respectful

Fact: you don’t need to have an elaborate campaign to gain success. Now is the time to remember what this weekend is all about. You’ll want to create offers and discounts for service members, and their loved ones, that will show your appreciation and heart. Pair it with a thank you to your social and email platforms to explain what your company is all about!

Jump Start Into Summer

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer — and don’t dance around it! Now is the perfect time to get your full summer marketing plan ready! Look into outdoor events you’ll want to participate in. Next, prepare for the end of school and Fourth of July, while getting your website up to date, too.

Think Mobile

Remember: the world is mobile-based, so your marketing needs to be, too! Make sure your website, campaigns, emails and social posts are accessible on a mobile device. Make landing pages and digital coupons easy to view —  but click and make sure your website is optimized to handle mobile success, first.

Think Multiple Platforms

Don’t just focus on one area of your marketing, spread your campaign throughout. Think about email blasts, social posts, and mail outs. Whatever way you can use Memorial Day as the start of your holiday campaign, the better off you’ll be to seeing summer marketing success.

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