Make the Most of Your Radio Advertisements

When it comes to advertising, radio ads are a great way to drive leads and revenue. Beyond FM Radio, there are now several online stations with broad audiences and more advertising space to choose from. So how you can find the best radio advertisements for your brand?

Think of Your Target Audience.

Every radio station will have a different target demographic. So, in order to maximize your ROI, you will need to know the exact audience you are looking to target — and the type of radio station that they will be more likely to listen to. Age, gender, income, and shopping habits are all things to consider. If your customer base is teens and young adults— avoid advertising on an oldies station. Reach out to the station’s sales rep; they should have survey figures that can help you decipher what time your ideal audience will be listening.

Have a Strong Call to Action.

You will have limited time to get your message across, so be sure to start off strong. Think about when and where your ads will be heard; whether in a car, at an office, or in a waiting room— radio is usually background noise. Look into a voice over actor that your audience can relate to, and don’t forget to use background music and sound effects to round out the sound of your ads. Go in with a clear focus and avoid being too wordy. Short, impactful, and memorable is what your goal should be.

Test Out Your Ideas.

For best results, test out your ideas. Create two similar ads with a different call to action, making sure that each ad is played the same amount of time but directs customers to two different URLs or phone numbers; this will allow you to analyze what worked and what didn’t. Use the data to recreate what worked and whatever you do— don’t stop testing!

At Bloom Ads, our experts can help you craft a successful plan for your radio advertisements.  If you have any questions about the services that we offer, do not hesitate to reach out by calling 818-703-0218. You can also visit our website to learn more about the media buying and planning services that we offer.

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