Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Your Brand

Memorial Day is just around the corner —  do you have your marketing strategy in place? If you are struggling for ideas or you are not sure what the best approach might be, consider the below tips:

Do Your Homework.

See what your competitors have done in the past and use this as inspiration. Look out for weekend events in your local community and make use of popular and top performing hashtags.

Make Use of Social.

Each platform might have a different customer base, but your message should still be clear and consistent. Make your posts engaging and shareable and don’t forget to use the relevant holiday hashtags that you looked up.

Be Honorable.

Though the holiday might reflect the start of summer, it’s also a time of remembrance. Find a way to show your support and try a bit of storytelling. Use this as an opportunity to get your employees involved, as it will showcase your brand’s warm and relatable side.

Get a Headstart.

Beat your competition to the punch and start marketing as soon as you can. Remind people of the upcoming holiday and use urgency when relevant. Just don’t wait until Monday to post.

It’s not too late for a Memorial Day Marketing Strategy, and the experts at Bloom Ads are ready to help. Our innovative mixed media plans are designed with your budget in mind. Contact the professionals at Bloom Ads to learn about the services we offer — including TV advertising, digital advertising, radio ads, print and more!

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