Productivity Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder

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In a professional position, you always want to be as productive as possible. But we know that things happen and sometimes, the clock can strike 5 p.m. and you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything all day. When that happens, you may think you need to put in more hours and stay later to get your work done — but that’s not always the case. 

More often than not, you just need to make a few changes to work smarter.

Clarify Your Day Before You Start

Do you get into work every morning, raring to go and accomplish a ton of tasks, or does it take you a while to wake up and get into a groove? Whichever person you are, you should plan to work on your bigger or more difficult projects during your most productive times. Knowing what times you’re most productive can help you better plan your day and avoid procrastinating. To put it simply… you are reducing the chaos of your day.

Remove External Distractions

When your brain is trying to avoid a task, something as mundane as a stack of sticky notes can be an easy distraction. Do yourself a favor, and clear your desk of any clutter. You should also put your phone away and… wait for it… close your email too. If you’re like most people, a single “ping” from your inbox is enough to pull you away from a task. So close out of it for a specified amount each day to focus solely on work.

Do Single Tasks

While some swear by multi-tasking, sometimes, trying to focus on multiple tasks at one time can inhibit productivity and allow for more mistakes to slip through the cracks. Try to do one task at a time and check them off a list as you complete them. Not only will you know, for sure, that tasks are getting done, but crossing them off your to-do list is very satisfying. 

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