Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Plan

Spring is here and as the flowers bloom, so should your ideas for your next marketing campaign. While winter has come to a close, so should your winter wonder ads. Now is the perfect time to spring clean your marketing and fully do a revamp or audit or where you want to be; so when it comes time to evaluate your marketing plan, don’t forget these three things:

Check Goals

Now is the time to go in and see if you made your yearly goals. Will the season changes you want to see what marketing campaigns you’ll want to cut out for the remainder of the year. Keep in mind the warmer weather brings more people out and about so it might be a good idea to start putting more of your budget street marketing and look into sponsoring local street fairs.

Test New Ads

Take a full look at your ads and see what’s performing, and what’s not. It’s also a great time to do some AB testing. Try adding in some new and stunning images that evoke the feeling of spring. By playing on the season, you could grab a whole new audience you never thought of.

Adjust Budget

While you are doing a full spring clean up, don’t forget to evaluate and adjust your budget. Is spring and summer you’re busy time? Now is the time to ramp up your budget so that you can start handling the leads and get prepared for summer. Remember the earlier you start, the more adjustments you can make to ensure your ad is a successful.

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