Summer Colors to Implement Into Your Branding

pineapple surrounded by citrus fruits
Most people look forward to summer because of beach trips, swimsuits, and watermelon slices. But when you’re a business, there’s another exciting part of summer that you can take advantage of — the colors! Don’t be afraid to use summer shades and colors in your branding to get into the warm weather spirit and appeal to the masses.

Summer Colors to Implement Into Your Branding


This is a very bright and exciting color, and summer is filled with from watermelon to dark red beach sunsets. When using red, there are a few tactics to help keep the intention of the color clear. One such tactic is to adjust the tone of the color by using lighter tones of red for a more feminine, softer emotion or darker for a more fiery, authoritative emotion. Trying out different shades of red, such as crimson or rose, can give your branding a more serious feel or a more exciting, lively feel respectively.

Orange Hues

While some people may not love using solid orange in anything from their wardrobe to their branding, you can’t deny that the color definitely pops. We believe incorporating the right orange hues into your logo and advertisements can catch potential customers’ attention better than most common colors and make your branded images more stimulating to the eye. When it comes to branding and design, orange makes for an accent that can really pop — in an entirely welcoming and gentle way. 

Yellow Hues

There’s something about yellow that simply makes images appear more alive. Yellows spread messages of clarity and warmth – optimism is a key factor here and so brands that wish to appear exciting should look at using it

Companies also often use yellow when they want to express feelings of:

  • Happiness
  • Positivity
  • Summer

Using yellow tones can psychologically create a sense of joy in the minds of your customers and help your business appear more fun!

Sky Blue

Summer is full of blue skies and light blue water which means it would most likely benefit your branding to incorporate some sky blue coloring. Sky blue tends to be a reassuring color, one that calms and pleases people. It also commonly symbolizes selflessness and helpfulness, which can make anyone who views your branding and advertisements feel like they will have no trouble in reaching success while using your business.

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