The Demographics You May Have Missed

Figuring out who your audience is, is vital to your campaign, but being too broad can close you off to a whole new audience. It can be pretty easy to get in the mindset that you need to have a thoroughly planned out audience, but that is not always the case.

Marketing towards different demographics can make you the brand that is still tailoring to multiple target audiences. To keep your audience open to multiple demographics here are the mistakes, you’ll want to avoid:

Focused on One Group

Yes, you don’t want to be advertising or marketing to a broad group of people, but you should think about the variety of people you want to connect with. By having a message that can speak to a range of demographics, while making them feel like it’s tailored just for them, you can win over a wide variety of customers.

Speaking to a Direct Demographic

If your message is broad, tailored to a specific gender, age demographic or location, you are automatically turning away a group of consumers that might be longtime customers. First, know your message,  and second, tailor it to highlight all your ideal clients, so they feel like it’s just for them.

Being Too General

Marketing is less about the product more about the problem. You want to create a catchy, creative spot that shows heart and makes the viewer feel like you have the answer to their problem at hand. Consumers need to feel like your brand covers everything they need, and more! Mentioning the product is good, but presenting yo as a problem solving must, can open you up to new consumers that might have passed you up in the past.

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