The Importance of Online Reviews

One of the best ways to establish your brand voice is through reviews. Whether positive, negative, or neutral all reviews add real value to your business, and if handled the right way, you’ll be sure to see an increase in sales and website traffic. So here is why online reviews are important for your brand:

It Can Prompt a Sale.

People are very likely to read reviews as if they were personal recommendations from their close friends and family. The more reviews, the more likely you are to land a sale.

It Increases Your Search Ranking.

Adding unique content to your website and social channels will increase your credibility — and your chances of getting ranked on search engines above other search results. It also signals to search engines that your page is actively managed, which can increase your exposure.

It Can Improve Customer Service.

Whether your reviews are good, bad or neutral, responding to all of them can make you stand out from the rest. It gives your company a relatable touch and shows that you are taking consumer feedback into consideration. It’s also an excellent way to understand your customer base and how, as a company, you can improve.

It Builds Trust.

A company that responds to negative and positive reviews shows a potential customer your character. Even a negative response can convince a client that you want to do right by them, and that you are determined to provide the best service possible.

So when it comes to your online reviews, be sure to:

  • Encourage customer to leave reviews.
  • Respond to ALL reviews.
  • Reply promptly when possible.

If you are looking to build a better online presence, reach out to the experts at Bloom Ads. We create efficient media plans and strategies that will meet your business goals, and reflect the current digital trends. Give us a call at 818-703-0218 to speak with an expert directly.

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