The Online Marketing Myths to Ignore

Market on all platforms. Only market your company on some platforms. Make it mobile friendly. Keep it short and sweet — these all might be common marketing tips you’ve heard in the past and in some cases, they might be right, but not for every company. Your target audience plays a significant role in who you market and where, so If you’re currently looking to market to online millennials, here are just a few myths you should ignore:

Only Target Moms

It can be quite easy to gear towards a primary demographic, but as the times change so does the demographic. If you are marketing diapers or parenting related products, there is usually a push towards marketing towards women, but more and more men are headed to the internet to get their parenting questions answered. So for the best online marketing success, make it gender neutral!

Think Short Attention Spans

Though attention spans are different than they once were, the online world is currently still looking for more how to and DIY type content. If you are looking for online marketing to capture the eyes of the younger generation, you’ll want to answer questions that they are asking and fill a need that your competition isn’t.

It’s All Mobile

The internet is moving towards mobile, but that doesn’t mean it’s the death of the desktop. In fact, the more screens, the better. Youtube viewers will head to their sites through multiple platforms, so your marketing should be formatted for that. Don’t stick with a platform-specific campaign, instead look for ways that your ads can look appealing in all possible forms.

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