Tips for a Successful Father’s Day Campaign

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Now is the time that you should be reviewing your Father’s Day Campaign. A well-strategized plan will engage your customers, gain you new ones, and increase your ROI. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to have an effective and unique campaign.

Don’t Forget Your Brand Voice.

A well planned Father’s Day campaign will engage your audience and represent who you are as a brand. Don’t try and force something that just won’t fit. You want to create a campaign that can be easily recognized as yours, so make sure to incorporate your branding into it.

Get Personal.

Father’s Day is the perfect holiday to show off your softer side, and there are many ways you can tug on your audience’s heart strings. Show appreciation for your customers who are fathers by thanking them in your campaign. Create content that includes images and stories from the fathers in your company. A warm and thoughtful message will show the heart of your business, making your company relatable to potential customers.

Utilize Giveaways and Discounts.

The best way to increase sales is to offer more than your competitors. Advertise free express shipping on last minute gifts or a discount to dads — you can even throw in a free gift with their purchase. Any incentive that will get a customer to choose you over the competitor. Not a retailer? Partner up with one to increase your customer base!

Aim to Engage.

Reach out to clients for content. Ask them to share their favorite Father’s Day moments through pictures or video. When creating social posts, make sure they are light-hearted and easily shareable. Before you post just think: “Would I share this?”

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