Video Trends: Where Your Audience is Viewing Content

When was the last time you were without your phone, tablet, computer or TV?  

In our increasingly connected world, consumers almost always have a means of consuming video easily available to them.  So it comes as no surprise that video is one of the most effective ways for a brand to reach consumers.  Whether through television or digital advertisements, videos have always caught the eye of potential customers through compelling stories and interesting visuals.

Although there has been a trend in recent years away from live television and towards digital media, video remains one of the most effective advertising methods.  So how do you know where your audience is consuming video?

8 out of 10 eighteen to forty-nine year olds watch videos on YouTube. In fact, they spent 74% more time watching videos on YouTube in 2015!

With the right media plan, we can help you figure out where your audience is consuming video.  By taking a close look at your analytics, we can work to create a strategy that generates the most ROI for your business.

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