What Does the New Facebook Algorithm Mean For Businesses?

Facebook is always updating and changing their News Feed algorithm to provide users with a better experience.  But what do these changes mean for businesses looking to reach their target audience? Below, we have some insight into what type of content is preferred in the Facebook News Feed.

Understanding the Facebook News Feed:

Friends and Family Are Prioritized – Facebook was founded on the principle of connecting people with their friends and family. This value continues to be prioritized in Facebook’s News Feed.  Businesses should always encourage family, friends and employees to share and interact with the page.

Posts Should Inform & Entertain – People want their feed to be filled with valuable and informative stories. This can vary from person to person! It is important that brands determine what their unique audience looks for in their News Feeds, so that they can produce the type of content that they are looking for and engaging with.

Communication is Dependent on Authenticity – People want to see authentic news in their feed.  This is why Facebook is constantly updating their algorithm to provide users with a better experience.  They filter out stories that people find to be sensational or “spammy.” Make sure that your business is producing authentic content that your audience wants to see!

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