What is a Media Planning Agency?

No matter your business, advertising is an effective way to expand your customer base, but with an array of different advertising options (TV, Radio, Digital, and Print), knowing which to choose can be overwhelming. If you are looking to start advertising, your first step should be to hire a Media Planning Agency.

But you might be asking “What is a Media Planning Agency?”

Media Planning Agencies focus on strategy and analytics to ensure that your creative concepts are successfully driving ROI. They develop a detailed plan for all forms of advertising based on your needs and budget. Through extensive research, they will define a target audience, create a clear creative concept, and decide on the best markets for your message.

What They Include in Their Plan

Your media plan should aim to help you reach existing customers and gain new ones, while being efficient and profitable. To do so, planners have to factor in:

  • Reach
  • Impact
  • Frequency
  • Brand Voice

Mixing strategies and pinpointing what might be under performing, they always have your cost in mind. They decide when, where, and how a particular ad will be featured while stretching your budget and increasing your reach.

At Bloom Ads, we’re obsessed with research and driven by our rigorous approach to analytics. Our media planning and buying experts are here to help you drive ROI. To find out more about the services we offer you can also visit our website  or call us at  818.703.0218

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