What is Media Planning?

What advertising platforms are you using to meet your campaign goals? Choosing the right marketing tactic for your brand or product can be challenging, especially when your budget and resources are limited.

This is why so many businesses turn to media agencies that specialize in selecting optimal media platforms for a brand’s goals. Through media planning, agencies (like our experts here at Bloom Ads) can help ensure that a business is getting the most out of their ad spend.

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the process through which you identify and select the media outlets that you will be placing your advertisement in. These media outlets can include television, radio, digital, print, and even outdoor advertisements. Your media plan will optimize your ads across platforms for your advertising budget — so that you reach the largest number of people and receive the best possible results.

Here are a few of the factors that are considered when creating an effective media plan:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Cost per point
  • Impact
  • Selectivity

Your media plan is designed to convey your brand’s message to your unique audience, for the best value.

If your media plan could use some work, contact our experts here at Bloom Ads. Our media planning and buying services are effective because they are research and analytics driven. Visit our website to learn more about the media planning and buying services that we offer or give us a call to speak with an expert directly.

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