What You Can Learn From The Top Game Day Ads

Whether your team won or not, one thing that was memorable from last week’s big football game was the commercials. With one of the highest paid advertising spots, a good game day Ad has to hit the mark. Though there have been many years where companies have fallen short, this year wasn’t the case. So what is the major advertising take away from these memorable commercials? We have the answers below:

Emotions Still Win

Some of the top commercial contenders used history and passion for grabbing viewers’ attention, and it worked. A few big name brands were stepping out beyond their products by putting out commercials illustrating how they are giving back to the community. Some decided to go with a powerful message, and it was the right move!

Strike Up Conversations

Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops! If you want to make a big statement, production value is what you’ll need to focus on. Whether it’s a public celebrity endorsement or a fast-paced ad, it’s sure to be one that will grab the attention of viewers.

Use Nostalgia

Stirring up memories and sticking to what has worked in the past is still a substantial way to get attention. A campaign that can bring people back to a happy memory or play on a recognizable theme, is one that is sure to see success.

Humor Isn’t Dead

One of the top game-day commercials made us laugh in cleaver out of the box ways. A commercial that brings lots of laughs is one that will be talked about and re-shared on social. If you choose to go the route of humor, just be sure it still reflects your brand appropriately.

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