What’s The Difference Between Generation Z and Millennials?

Businesses have spent years researching and marketing to Millennials, but it’s time to switch focus to a much larger, younger group — Generation Z.  These post-millennials are a more frugal intensified version of their elders, and if Gen Z is in your business demographic, adjusting your media plan to account for their minor differences will help you see a better ROI. So what makes them different?


Have More Tolerance. Whether it’s a slow website or a disconnected phone call, they are more likely to give failed experiences another shot, while the younger group will move on to something else.

Have More Brand Loyalty.  Since they are slightly more tolerant and have a larger attention span, they are more likely to be a loyal customer and repeat buyer. They are more compelled to click on advertisements and are more concerned with a good price.

Generation Z

Shop Differently. They are looking at the overall value. Generation Z is less likely to make purchases online and those who do say it’s because it saves them time. Most are shopping in stores because they want to avoid shipping costs or they need it right away.

Tend to Have Higher Expectations. They are used to a world of instant gratification and expect retailers and businesses to follow suit. Because of this, they are less likely to have any brand loyalty and are more interested in an overall experience. If you pinpoint the similarities between the two and go above and beyond to reach Gen Z’s needs, you’ll be sure to meet Millennial’s needs too.

The experts at Bloom Ads can help you create a media plan and strategy that will speak to Millennials and Generation Z. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our media buying and planning services.

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